Our Mission: We help small and large agri-business operations save money, conserve water resources and scale their business through designing sustainable hydroponic fodder solutions.

Regardless of where you are at in the whole “Fodder” thing, we want to help.

Because of our experience and because we are passionate about fodder, we will do whatever we can to help you wherever you are.

There are countless unanswered questions about fodder.  Sometimes the answer to your questions may be “I don’t know why it does something, I just know I have seen it with my own eyes.”  We can share a lot of practical experiences with you or recommend other sources of information.

If you are a small producer, we can help you determine what might be the right size system for your needs.  Through our affiliation with various suppliers, we can recommend a system for you if you are interested in purchasing a system.  We have experience with Crop King, Farm Tek, FodderPro, Fodder Solutions and FodderWorks.  These systems are available in various sizes with various options.  Some come as self-contained with an enclosure and climate control, and some will require you to provide the building and climate control.

If you are a large or commercial user, we can help you also. We believe unless you have the time or the family to help with growing fodder, you absolutely need an automated system.

When we first started working with fodder there were no totally automated systems on the market.  There were some semi-automated systems but none that placed the seed, watered, and then harvested the fodder and placed it in a truck ready to feed.  We worked for several years to develop our own system.  Along the way, we discovered another group of guys that had the same thoughts as I did, so I have left the manufacturing to them.  This company, Hydrogreen is the only truly practical automated fodder system in the world. 

For all of our large customers, we recommend Hydrogreen. The Hydrogreen systems come in all sizes and can provide any needs that you might have.

If you are more of the DYI person, we can advise you of the physical and environmental requirements so that you can build your own system.

Or if you have a system that you are having trouble with, we can help you troubleshoot your system.

For any questions, Click here and fill out the form on the contact page.

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