Our Mission: We help small and large agri-business operations save money, conserve water resources and scale their business through designing sustainable hydroponic fodder solutions.

The Right Size for Your Needs

If you are a small producer, we can help you determine what might be the right size system for your needs.  Through our affiliation with various suppliers, we can recommend a system for you if you are interested in purchasing a system.  If you are more of the DYI person, we can advise you of the physical and environmental requirements. Or if you have a system that you are having trouble with, we can help you troubleshooting your system.

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Tom White

Tom was born in Amarillo, Texas in 1953. Tom and his family lived in Dalhart Texas in a growing agricultural area. In 1957 “deep water” was discovered, and a new face of agriculture began to develop.

Tom graduated from High School in Dalhart, and then attended Texas Tech University and graduated with an engineering degree in 1975.

Anywhere in the High Plains area, you are only one step away from agricultural. Tom joined the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and was involved in many areas of agricultural, from large commercial beef feedlots, large commercial hog facilities and large commercial dairies to individual owner farms, ranches and dairies.

After many years of severe drought conditions and abnormal weather, Tom discovered fodder in 2011, and knew in his heart that this would be the answer to many of the problems that producers are wrestling with. After several years of research and studying many of the fodder production systems, Tom is determined to do his best to educate and help producers understand hydroponically grown fodder.

Tom and his wife Terry have 3 children and 12 grandchildren.