What is fodder?
Why use fodder?
Fodder is typically the name for any forage feed for Livestock. Today when we refer to Fodder we are talking about hydroponically sprouted seeds. Most cereal grains and many seeds from other forage plants can be sprouted.
Using fodder addresses these top 3 concerns:
  • Drought that has hurt agriculture the last few years.
  • Availability and affordability of adequate water to grow crops.
  • The high price of land and or the lack of land available for growth.

Hydoponically-grown forage

  • Feed your livestock reliably, even during a drought
  • Reduce cost & water usage
  • Scale your operation

What's new at Fodder Consultants?

Fodder Lab Reports

Lab Reports All our lab reports are done by third party laboratories. Alfalfa Forage Report Barley Fodder Amino Acid Report Barley Fodder Report Barley / Clover Forage Report Millet Forage  Oats Forage Report Red Wheat Forage Report Ryegrass Forage Report Sorghum Forage Report

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What’s New at Fodder Consultants?

What’s New at Fodder Consultants As we have tried to get a good understanding of how the fodder can be substituted for a TMR (Total Mixed Ration), we are beginning a new series of tests.  For this test we will do a side by side comparison of 4 different additives to the water

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